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The bakery is always baking

Early bird catches the worm? How about the early baker catches the dough. Here at Klein’s Bakery, we get up early. I mean really early! 4 AM to be exact. That’s the perfect time to begin baking for our customer. We then deliver to your door by next day. Want freshly baked bagels? Order by 8 PM for next day delivery. We also offer other delicious Bakery items that are available on our online store.

Delicious bakery items for any occasion.

Order here for Shabbos!

Got Shabbos on your mind?

Place your Shabbos order by Thursday at 8 PM. Lots of options for your American taste or try one of our classic Israeli selections. Challahs, rolls, and more! Hunkering for a taste of Shabbos during the week? Challos and rolls are also available for order during the week.

Having a Simcha?

Order from our bread selections

Mazal Tov! Your Simcha deserves to be the best. Having the best breads and challah will put your Simcha up on a pedestal. We have a selection a bread options that both look amazing and delivers on the taste.

You may have already seen our breads at other Simchas. Please let us know which ones you would like at your Simcha, and we will make it special for you.

With our new Anglo Sales Coordinator, Binyomin, we can provide the same great bread, now with the American service. Contact Binyomin today!

Contact Binyomin for your order


All Klein’s Bakery products are under the strict Hashgacha of Bdatz HaEidah HaCharedit